Park Institute of Tae Kwon Do Reviews

  • Great place.

    Michael Olson
  • Our son went there for 2 years. Master Park is very good with Kids, our son joined when he was barely 5 but he learnt a lot. The curriculum they have for graduation is well rounded including strict discipline and studies. Periodically the kids have to attend tournaments outside which helps them get better. The other masters are also awesome, take good care of the kids., I don't want to name any at the risk of leaving out some. The annual boot camp is rigorous but valuable, our son made some good memories there. Mind you, we left Park institute 2 years ago and after seeing other places I felt compelled to leave this review. Park institute's certificates are recognized as far as the east coast. Lot of graduates from this place have started their own schools all over the Midwest. Master Park and this institute are big assets to the Midwest region without a doubt. Thank you Master Park.

    Mydeen Yussouf
  • So far, our experience at Park Institute has been amazing! Excellent customer service from Master Park himself; very friendly environment and very up front about what to expect with schedules, prices, etc. There was no pressure to join and we felt we made the decision based on the information presented to us at our first visit. They are very professional and want to make sure our kids will enjoy Tae Kwon Do, so they did some hands on moves at the institute at the first visit. Are kids are VERY excited and we're looking forward to being part of this experience with them. We really like how the schedule is so flexible on days/wk, and also offers Saturdays. We can go different days each wk if we choose to, based on our busy schedules. They were a little more expensive than we had initially thought, but are committed and feel it's worth what they have to offer. I would highly recommend Park Institute to friends and family!!! :)


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