Tara Hussey, Martial Arts Instructor

Tara Hussey

Miss Tara Hussey

4th degree black belt.

Hi all, my name is Tara and I have been an instructor at Park Institute since 2018. I am also a senior in college studying child development and elementary education.

I first started doing Tae Kwon Do at Park Institute when I was 4 years old. Over the last 18 years, I've had the amazing opportunity to travel around the country going to seminars, training camps, and tournaments. At a young age, Tae Kwon Do taught me discipline, respect, and challenged me both physically and mentally. As I became older and began training, coaching, and competing at a nation level, this sport gave me personal growth, my love for teaching, and lifelong friendships. 

It is an honor and a joy to teach students about the martial art that has done so much for me personally. I love getting to see how students grow both as an athlete and as a person during their time in classes. 

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